5 ultimate oatmeal recipes

Power up your porridge, muscle up your muesli, and start the day strong

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they sure ain’t wrong. Eating the right mix of protein, complex carbohydrate and natural sugars will ensure you’re powered up for whatever the day brings, whether that’s riding, racing or a hard day in the office. 


We’ve partnered with Olive Magazine (also published by Immediate Media) to bring you the very best recipes for cyclists. All the recipes are easy to follow and take you through step-by-step how to create everything from homemade nutrition products to tasty, hearty post-ride meals. 

1. Bircher muesli with chia seeds

With much less sugar than shop-bought versions, our homemade muesli is a good store-cupboard staple
Olive Magazine / Our Media
Bircher muesli is brilliant for the busy cyclist. Finding time to make a decent brekky first thing in the morning can be hard, but you can whip up a portion of this delicious oat and apple mix the night before and it’s ready to go when you roll out of bed. The oats provide the basic fuel for your day, with chia seeds, grated apple, blueberries, dried apricots and banana (plus whatever else you fancy) giving an incredible vitamin and mineral boost. It’s also very tasty and you can swap out the yoghurt and milk for alternatives if you want to make a vegan version. 

Bircher muesli with chia seeds recipe at Olive Magazine

2. Banana breakfast muffins

A batch of banana muffins will keep you going over the week
Olive Magazine
A muffin with your morning coffee is a treat indeed, but those coffee-shop versions can have a serious calorie count hidden within their moist, cakey interior. Whip up a batch of these delicious homemade banana muffins, however, and you’ll get that same rich and satisfying taste but with fewer than 200 calories per muffin. Banana breakfast muffin recipe at Olive Magazine

3. Muesli with apple and blueberries

Crunchy apple and little bursts of sweetness from the blueberries combined with oats — perfect
Olive Magazine
Combining tart apple juice, fresh grated apple, creamy yoghurt and sweet blueberries and honey, this tasty muesli is easy to whip up in the morning. We love the texture that the chopped nuts provide too. Muesli with apple and blueberries recipe at Olive Magazine

4. Coconut overnight oats

Coconut and oats? It’s oh-so-good!
Olive Magazine
Overnight oats with a delicious difference: once we tried these, we found it hard to go back to regular porridge! The creamy coconut combines perfectly with maple syrup and warming cinnamon to make a dish that’s just the right start to the day. Coconut overnight oats recipe at Olive Magazine

5. Homemade muesli

With much less sugar than shop-bought versions, our homemade muesli is a good store-cupboard staple
Olive Magazine

Never face a dull breakfast again with this homemade muesli recipe. It’s incredibly easy to make, and you can whip up a huge batch in advance so all you need to do in the morning is add a bowl, spoon and milk or yoghurt. This version includes cranberries, apricots and mixed seeds but you can add whatever you fancy. How about a tropical hit with dried coconut flakes? 

Homemade muesli recipe at Olive Magazine