8 tasty ways to use up your Christmas leftovers

Fuel your cycling and polish off the turkey in one go!

The turkey is cold, you’ve munched your way through a field’s-worth of potatoes and an enormous number of pigs-in-blankets. You’ve also got lots of time for long rides on more-or-less empty roads, and a tonne of leftovers.


So why waste energy food shopping? Turn your abandoned sprouts into something tasty instead!

We’ve partnered with Olive Magazine (also published by Immediate Media) to bring you the very best recipes for cyclists. All the recipes are easy to follow and take you through step-by-step how to create everything from homemade nutrition products to tasty and hearty post-ride meals. 

1. Bacon, Brussels and chilli broth

A dish to warm you up on a cold day
Olive Magazine
Sometimes, after days and days of chutney and cheese and mincemeat, you just want a bright, spicy flavour to cut through it all. Stand aside turkey curry, here comes the bacon and Brussels sprout broth! Yes, you heard correctly. Turn the inevitable pile of uneaten sprouts into something divine! You can whip it up in 30 minutes, and it’s perfect for dishing out after a chilly winter ride. 

2. Parsnip and potato rosti

Enjoy this rosti with a festive twist
Olive Magazine
Lots of leftover spuds and parsnips? This variation on the traditional crispy rosti has a natural sweetness due to the parsnips, and is pleasingly simple to make. 

3. Chicken and shredded sprouts pie with butter bean mash

If you’re looking for a comfort dish, look no further
Olive Magazine
This dish is hearty and satisfying, and pleasingly creamy, despite relying on lighter semi-skimmed milk and crème fraîche rather than more calorific cream and butter options. It’s also a simple way to use up more of those sprouts. 

4. Asian hot-and-sour turkey soup

This soup is full of fresh flavours to help you cut through that cheese and carbohydrate coma
Olive Magazine
Got more leftover turkey than you know what to do with? Whip up this simple soup with spicy chilli and sour vinegar and you’ll get through it in no time. Some rice noodles added to the clear soy-spiced soup base add carbohydrate, making this another excellent choice for refuelling post-ride. 

5. Shredded turkey quesadillas

Portable food for those who are always on the move… and more interesting than turkey sandwiches
Olive Magazine
Still not got through the turkey? Okay, how about these filling quesadillas? You can put them together quickly, so they’re ideal for anyone who needs something tasty and quick. They work equally well for hungry kids and cyclists, though you might want to drop the chilli content for the kids. 

6. Spiced shepherd’s pie with parsnip mash

A low-fat version of the ever-popular shepherd’s pie
Olive Magazine
Few things are as comforting as rich, meaty shepherd’s pie. This version, which adds chilli, cinnamon and cumin to the mix, will also help you get through those leftover parsnips. Make it a little lighter by substituting cream and butter for skimmed milk and crème fraîche. 

7. Turkey chilli bean stew

A hearty and healthy way to use up that leftover turkey
Olive Magazine
If you’ve got a lot of leftovers AND a lot of mouths to feed, then this one-pot dish will save time, money, energy and effort. There’s plenty of protein too from the turkey, beans and pulses. The chipotle paste and smoked paprika make this warming, rich and tasty. Serve by the steaming bowlful with a sprinkling of coriander leaves and a hunk of fresh bread. 

8. Brussels bubble and squeak with poached egg

We love this brunch-ready way of using up those leftover sprouts
Olive Magazine

This dish manages to be comforting, economical, protein-rich and tasty all in one go. And yet another tasty way to get rid of your leftover sprouts!

Mixed with potato they can be transformed into a delicious bubble and squeak, which tastes downright delicious with a poached egg on top. We suggest this would make an ideal New Year’s Day post-ride brunch.