GU’s special edition energy gel here to stay

Sold out ‘Salted Caramel’ back in production and en route to retail stores

When GU Energy unveiled its new range of energy gel flavours, it had no idea the feeding frenzy it would create with the launch of ‘Salted Caramel’. Its mid-winter special edition outsold other new flavours Cherry Blaze, Peanut Butter and Mint Chocolate (now discontinued) before selling out completely.


Australian GU distributor Andrew Lloyd, director of Blueline Sports, told BikeRadar that the first run of the popular energy booster which contains 20mg of caffeine and elevated electrolytes completely sold out in the US and only limited stock remains in his New South Wales-based warehouse.

“I had no idea how well the flavour would sell, so I only ordered half a pallet,” Lloyd said. “I brought in 180 cases containing 12 sachets each, and as of this morning only had a few boxes remaining.”

GU’s leading Australian retailer has sold hundreds of Salted Caramel sachets since offering the product on January 20. Less than 30 packets, priced at AU$2.79 are still available.

“GU is easily our biggest selling energy gel,” said Cell Bikes Chief Operating Officer Michael Simms. “We offer other brands such as Endura, Torq and High5 but GU seems to be the most popular.

“GU’s Espresso Love flavour is our website’s biggest seller,” he added. “But Salted Caramel has sold more in a shorter period of time.”

Due to its overwhelming commercial response, Blueline says GU is now placing Salted Caramel into its regular lineup. “Salted Caramel is currently under production with new packaging that removes the ‘Mid-Winter’ labeling,” said Lloyd. “I will place an order on Monday and a new shipment is expected to arrive within four weeks.”


Availability in other markets is yet to be confirmed.