How to perfect a pre-ride smoothie

Nutritionist Angus Browne gets your ride off to the right start

Smoothies are great pre-ride

Athletes praise liquid breakfasts, claiming they feel lighter as a result of their intestines absorbing the meal quicker. Fruit shakes mixed with milk are the perfect combination of natural sugars and protein to give you an impactful start to the day. This recipe makes one large thick smoothie, or two small ones to share ahead of a long ride…


1. Begin the berry blast

Feel free to use whatever berries are in season, and try out different combinations to mix up the flavour. Pop a good handful of your chosen berries into a blender. Berries can be frozen when they are in season, or if you have too many. The antioxidants in berries aid healthy digestion and immune systems.

2. Add milk

You’ll need 240ml of regular, rice, coconut, almond or soy milk. Milk offers a powerful slow-release of protein that keeps you pedalling, and the natural fats within the dairy drink and the blended nuts allow you to stay fuller for longer.

3. Banana split

Add one banana. The potassium in bananas contributes to muscle vitality and a healthy heart.

4. Nuts and seeds

Add one tablespoon of nuts or seeds. The seeds and nuts will give you an extra protein boost and if you like a thinner smoothie, just add a little more milk. Add a squeeze of honey or agave syrup and whiz up.


Angus Browne is a nutrition advisor and founder of Browne’s Boot Camp.