Infinit adds stock drink mixes – Interbike 2012

Company known for custom-nutrition products adds gender- and time-specific drinks

When it comes to sports drink options for when you’re on the bike, there are seemingly infinite options. So how do you know what’s best? If you ask Infinit Nutrition founder Michael Folan, there isn’t a best.


“It is virtually impossible for one drink to be the best, considering all the different physiologies and types of cycling efforts,” he said. “The best drink is one that’s made for you.”

For a few years, Infinit has offered cyclists the chance to custom-tailor drinks not only for type and strength of flavor, but also the amount of calories, electrolytes, caffeine, protein, carbohydrates and amino acids. This can be done via a short survey, or by using sliding scales on the Infinit Nutrition website. The end result costs $50 for a 25-serving jug.

Custom drinks are formulated via these slider bars:
Custom drinks are formulated with these seven slider bars

Now, Infinit has stock options available that are both gender-specific and duration-specific. For example, ‘Go Far’ is a high-calorie mix for long days on the bike for male cyclists. ‘Speed’ is made for shorter, more intense efforts. The Isis series offers similar products for women, who typically require less sodium when riding.

Each type is $35 for a 20-serving canister.

There is also a caffeinated Jet Fuel for racing, a gel mix that works out to 65 cents a serving, and a recovery mix.


Infinit has sponsored the Garmin-Barracuda cycling team for three years.