Nuun’s new hydration products: plant-based in recyclable tube

All nuun hydration tabs are now vegan and free of gluten, dairy and soy

Nuun's low-calorie hydration tablets are now cleaner than ever

Nuun overhauled its hydration products recently to be clean for the body and clean for the planet.


Now all nuun products are certified vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and Informed-Choice Trusted By Sport. All nuun products are sold in a multi-serving recyclable tube. The tablets drop into a glass or water bottle and dissolve. 

The main products are nuun Active, a low-calorie hydration tablet, and nuun Energy, a hydration tablet with caffeine.

The new formula uses plant-based sweeteners and ingredients, including monk fruit extract, beet juice powder and avocado oil. Monk fruit extract is a no-calorie sweetener. The caffeine in Energy is derived from organic green tea extract. 

Partly because of the focus on plant-based ingredients and certifications, Nuun is now available in many natural foods stores, at least in the US. For instance, every American Whole Foods now carries nuun, in addition to many bike shops.

As a company, nuun supports athletes who are vocal about clean sport, such as runner Kara Goucher and cyclocross racer Jeremy Powers. Nuun is third-party tested by Informed-Choice Trusted by Sport to make sure none of its products are contaminated with banned substances.

Nuun comes in a variety of styles, with 10-tablets tubes selling for $7 / £6 / AU$12