Skratch Labs releases chewable ‘Fruit Drops’

Dr. Allen Lim’s energy gets chewy

Skratch Labs has just announced the release of its new energy chews. Following the same vein as the infamous Secret Drink Mix (SDM), the fruit chews are all natural and designed to keep your gut happy out riding.


Based off the basic recipe for a gumdrop (a popular type of chewable candy), like the SDM, the Fruit Drops are a watered down version as to not overload your body with carbohydrates.

“We made our Fruit Drops less sweet by adding slightly more water. This makes our fruit drop softer, less sticky, easier to chew, and more palatable.”  Dr. Lim said in a lengthy blog on the Skratch Labs website.

“Gram for gram, this also makes our fruit drop about 15% less sweet or energy dense than competing energy chews. Although this reduces the total calories per bite, it makes eating more fruit drops easier on the palate and gut, which improves one’s ability to stay fueled over the long haul,” Dr. Lim continued.

Each 16 calorie drop contains a specific ratio of sugars (glucose and fructose) and electrolytes (sodium), without any of the extra colouring agents, emulsifiers, preservatives, and flavoring agents often found in other energy chews.


Available through the Skratch Labs website, the Fruit Drops retail for US$2.45 per 50g bag or US$24.50 for a box of ten bags. The Fruit Drops will land in Australia later this year. Australian pricing, along with UK availability is TBC.