Tasteless calories in a bottle? Enter PLUS for Nuun

New effervescent tablets add carbs and electrolytes

PLUS for Nuun adds calories without any taste

Nuun, the company that has sold sugar-free electrolyte tablets since 2004, is launching a new product called PLUS for Nuun that lets riders add calories to plain water or a favourite sports drink without altering the taste.


PLUS uses glucose and sucrose that, when mixed with 16oz (473ml) of water, creates a hypotonic solution. Nuun says two tablets adds up to 48–88 calories, plus sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

The idea, says Nuun chief nutritionist Vishal Patel, is a modular system that riders can use to dial in their nutrition needs. Combing PLUS, with regular Nuun or the company’s Energy caffeinated product, riders can “determine prior to the workout how many carbohydrates and added electrolytes they’ll need for the duration,” Patel said. “With our formulation and recommendations, we can ensure, based on our testing, there is a proper carbohydrate to fluid ratio decreasing the onset of any stomach related issues while providing optimal nutrient replacement.”  

Nuun claims that effervescent tablet format increases fluid and nutrient absorption, but the bubbling tablet may have another, stronger argument: it’s easier to carry, measure and drop into a water bottle than powder.

PLUS for Nuun comes in a 12-tablet tube for US$6.99. (UK and AU pricing were not immediately available.)


For more information, visit www.nuun.com.