BikePark Wales adds video analysis to coaching programme

Six skills classes guide riders from novice to downhill

BikePark Wales has launched its new coaching programme, which incorporates video analysis to sharpen up a rider’s technique.


The coaching programme was designed by Ian Warby and Richard Kelly of B1ke, a mountain biking consultancy service made up of experienced professionals.

BikePark Wales says its coaching can improve a rider’s technique by looking at their cycling style. As part of the process, BikePark Wales’ coaches film certain sections of riding, which can then be played back to the rider in slow-motion. The idea is that by showing the rider their style, they will learn faster.

Finance director and head of coaching for BikePark Wales, Anna Walters, said: “If a rider is facing a particular problem that they can’t see themselves or can’t feel, video analysis allows us to film them and replay it… which means it’s a lot easier to explain.

“It’s a fantastic tool that really helps people progress, because once you’ve seen that you’ve done something, you become more aware of it and you can start working on it.”

The coaches use video analysis to sharpen a rider’s technique:
BikePark Wales

The coaches use video analysis to sharpen a rider’s technique

Although video analysis as part of a coaching programme is available elsewhere, BikePark Wales is one of a few places that specifically coaches on site and helps riders focus on core bike park skills.


BikePark Wales offers coaching at six levels, from novice-level park essentials and core skills through to DH race improver.