How to adjust road bike brakes – video

How to replace brake pads and other top tips

Video guide to adjusting road bike brakes

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Getting too much pull in your roads bike levers when you pull? It probably means those pads need replacing or that the cables and units needs some adjustment.

In this Park Tool Maintenance Monday video, viewers are taken through the process of inspecting, adjusting and replacing brakes and the pads to ensure braking performance is tiptop.

Adjusting rim brakes is a fairly straightforward process and involves minimal kit. Former bike shop mechanic James Tennant explains every step of the process and even throw in a couple of shop wrencher secrets to help get the job done quickly and efficiently. Watch the video here:

How to adjust road bike brakes

Need to stock up on tools before you start? You can purchase Park Tools used in the video at a number of dealers across the UK and internationally.

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