How to replace bike grips – video

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How to replace bike grips

Handlebar grips provide a comfortable connection between you and the steering of your bike. They’re very much a consumable item and sooner or later you’ll be swapping them for a new set.


There’s nothing worse than pulling on your handlebars only to find your grip twists freely, causing a loss of control.

Follow our guide for a fast, easy and safe method of installing a pair of grips.

How to replace grips

Video: How to replace handlebar grips. 

This video is part of the Park Tool Maintenance Monday series. You can purchase the Park Tools used in the video at a number of dealers across the UK and internationally. For more maintenance videos, subscribe to the BikeRadar YouTube channel.

Tools for the job

  • Degreaser
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Multi-tool/Allen/hex keys
  • Three long cable ties

Removing regular grips

Prise the inner end of the grip up from your handlebar with a flathead screwdriver, being careful not to scratch the handlebar. Then spray a quick shot of degreaser under the grip.

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The grip should now be quite easy to work loose from the handlebar, if not, more degreaser is probably necessary.

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Once the grip is removed it’s a good idea to clean up the handlebar surface in preparation for the new grips. Use degreaser and be sure to wipe dry afterwards.

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Installing regular grips

Place three long cable ties through the grip, as demonstrated in the image below. These will act as a low-friction rail for your grip to slide over.

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Begin to fit the grip onto the handlebar with the cable ties in place. The grip should pull along the handlebar with relative ease.

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Once the grip is in place, the cable ties can be removed one at a time.

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Removing lock-on style grips

Loosen any Allen key/hex heads. Some designs use one clamp but most use two.

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Pull the grip towards the end of the handlebar – a light tug should also remove any plastic end caps that are attached.

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Ensure new grips are assembled correctly – the alloy collars will often need to be pushed into the plastic body of the grip. 

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If you’ve got an end cap then now is the time to attach it.

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Slide the entire assembly into place and firmly tighten the allen/hex heads on the collars to secure the grip.

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