Spank Oozy Trail pedal review$200.00

Flat trail pedals with plenty of grip

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The Oozy Trail pedal is a less aggro version of Spank’s DH and freeride Spike pedal. Forged alloy bodies sit on cold forged, hollow, chromoly steel axles and weigh in at a very light 368g per pair.

It’s noticeable right from the off just how grippy these pedals are with minimal foot drift across the pedal even over properly rocky sections.

There are nine pins spread across each side of the pedal with thinner, slightly tapered 5mm high ones sitting on the front and rear edges. There’s no concave, but slightly shorter, thicker pins to the centre give a good illusion of it.

The pedals have chamfered leading edges to help deflect any rock strikes
The pedals have chamfered leading edges to help deflect any rock strikes

Despite the 100×100mm body being an extremely thin 12mm, the pedals feel stiff and supportive, though the hexagonal shape, designed to minimize rock strikes with less pedal protruding underfoot, means your shoes are not quite as well supported as on squarer shaped pedals.

Chamfered leading edges help deflect any rock strikes that do happen and tough construction ensures that any damage is usually cosmetic too.

The bearing sits in a bulge that butts right up to the crank arm. This means you have to use pedal washers otherwise the pedal won’t spin correctly and, worse still, bore right into your crank.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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