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Congratulations on beginning your cycling journey – you’re on a road that will reward you with many benefits. Cycling will not only improve your health and fitness, save you money and help the environment, but it’s also a fantastic way of sharing time with the whole family.

Increasing numbers of us are spending more time on two wheels than ever before – more than two million new cyclists took to the roads in Britain alone in 2011. With more people riding, we're seeing better provisions for cyclists. Whether it be new and improved road layouts, more city bike hire schemes or simply increased numbers of considerate drivers, it’s all good news for us. 

More and more traffic-free cycle routes are being built, and I'm lucky enough to be able to use one for my journey to work. My daily commutes are usually the highlights of my day.

Here at On Your Bike, our aim is to give you friendly advice on buying a new bike, as well as tips on how to ride safely, new cycle skills to learn and routes of the best places to go riding. 

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We also have a digital version of the On Your Bike magazine, which has more tips and advice on how to get started with your cycling.

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