A ride with all the trimmings...

Who'll be riding before they go on a turkey binge this Christmas Day?

At Christmas time there's no need to be afraid. Well, there is if you're anything like me and booze and birds - of the roast variety - are your yuletide downfall. For the last few years I've promised to exercise after Santa's delivered the pressies and before I settle down to Christmas lunch. And for the past few years I've failed to deliver on that promise. Something always seems to stop me clipping into my pedals or - whisper it quietly - pulling on my running shoes. Surely it can't be because the excitement of standing in front of the mirror in my new pants, socks and jumper beats the the thrill of riding on supernaturally quiet roads? Anyway, this year will be different - I'm getting on my bike on Christmas morning. Who else is riding on December 25?

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