Belt up!

Here's what's in your next MBUK

Your next issue of MBUK hits the shops on Wednesday and it's packed, yes, PACKED full of juicy mountain bike goodness, so we thought we'd bring you the highlights.

First up is our exclusive MBUK belt. Available in three spiffing colours, we've all been sporting them ever since we came into the office. We're veering dangerously towards boy band matching outfit territory, but frankly we don't care!

But you all know there's much more to MBUK than freebies. This issue we're bringing you the best new places to ride in the UK, the perfect trail bike set up, and ways to get fully kitted out for less cash!

With 38 pages of products, four big mountain bikes, and full on tests of shorts and gloves, you can be sure we've got the info you need on the gear you want!

We've also got 30 top tips for better bike skills, to get you really shredding it this summer.

There's just two days to go. Make sure you get yours!

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