Desperately Seeking Fitness

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I donât make a good patient. I was coming to that conclusion myself but it was reinforced by the rest of the family telling me, in no uncertain terms, that I was a grumpy old man and to stop ruining the weekend on account of my gammy leg.

I tired to take my mind off the fact that although Iâve been able to spin gently for a week or so, the swelling around my knee hasnât totally gone, it still hurts like hell when twisted a few degrees out of line and aches like a bad tooth. In fact the ache runs from my right buttock (I canât help but smile a Forrest Gump smile when I say âbut-tockâ, down my right IT band to my knee. Of course, by compensating for the pain Iâve also strained the left knee and caused cramping in my right calf. Arrrgh.

Totop it all Iâm developing a camp limp. Hooray for me, because thatâll be useful - not.

I wanted to cheer myself up on Saturday by fitting a pair of the new Hope Mono Mini brakes to my S-Works carbon hard tail. Trouble was it was just too shitty outside. This pushed me into such a state of depression that the missus let me break the golden rule.

Loretz family house rule #2 Thou shalt not work on your bike in the kitchen.

Love her, Mary (played by the missus) let me put a dust sheet down in the stable (played in this modern version of the nativity by the Kitchen) and wheel the rain sodden baby jesus (played by the bike) into the warm stable where a wise man (played by me) administered gold frankincense and myrrh ( played by brakes, fluids and polish). And low a new stopping system was born, and it was good. The other brakes did gather around and agreed â the new born was the chosen one.

Seriouslyâ¦for a moment.
This latest version of the Mini is smaller, lighter more ergonomic and better looking than ever before. You can say what you like about the price, but you canât argue that you donât get your moneys worth of CNC lathe time. Theyâve tried to take material from just about everywhere.

The new brakes did cheer me up. For about five minutes. After fitting them I was, of course, itching to try them, dreaming of cutting a path through the winter mire confident in my ability to stop myself on a low denomination coin should the need arise. The truth, was I was housebound. My knee wasnât up to much plus it was too cold/wet/dark even for Mr Wrap up, Gore up and Light up.

The wise man can currently be found at his desk of worship, praying for better days â and a smattering of fitness.

Gawd bless the lot of you,


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