Does it ever wear off?

I often get asked if there's much conflict between my job and my passion. Yes - there totally is, but I live and breathe bikes. As far as I'm concerned there is no other way - I always will...

You see when I get up in the morning I'll probably have a surf around a few bike web sites whilst scoffing some breakfast, but more often than not I'll be making myself late for work by tinkering.

Just like this morning.

Last night I started work building a new test frame - 20 minutes before dinner, and as usual I was up to my elbows in gear cables and black sludge that had found it's way in to my previous frame's BB shell. I didn't fret though, and simply left the job as it was and got cracking with the stomach lining and having a relaxing evening.

This morning I got up early, got ready super fast then went down to my little workshop and carried on where I left off. Suddenly it was 9.30am and I was supposed to be at work- It seems these days I'm really good at doing this. Managing to sneak in and crack on, I've found myself thinking of that bike again and thought I'd better get it out my system.

Once upon a time before working for Future, I left college and was earning a few bucks at Waitrose before deciding that I needed to get back to bikes again, and so I left to be a mechanic at a bike shop. My Mum wasn't best pleased and kept asking me when I was going to get a proper job- but my Dad used to look at me with a coy, understanding stare. He gets me, and the reason he knew I had to go back to bikes is because he's a biker himself. In his younger years he toured most of Europe by bike with a group of friends. It's in the blood.

When I started at Future on MBUK, I had a permenant grin implanted in the back of my head, that would always rear up when I saw Mum- she knew I was balls deep in bikes, and it will be that way for life.

Riding different bikes is always exciting. Tinkering with bikes is always fun. Ordering new kit to test always makes me excited. And riding bikes always makes everything better.

So I guess the answer is no, it never wears off.

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