Hans Rey's WHEELS 4 LIFE charity

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Hans Rey has been frequenting the MBUK towers recently, and amongst other things, informed us about his non-profitable charity...
Wheels 4 Life.
Basically, money donated buys bikes that will enable parents in poverty stricken countries to ride to local markets to sell goods (etc). Stuff that would take a serious amount of time and effort- and starvation without bikes. 15 miles is a long way when you're hungry and have to feed a whole family.
The bikes will also be able to allow doctors and nurses to visit ill people that are much further away- the possibilities are endless.
For full details, check out Wheels4life

Here, read for yourself...

I love the idea of this charity- it's bike related, and I can see exactly how people can benefit.
People do want help, but people prefer to be able to help themselves- this is a great way.
Note that although Hans would be thankful for a bike donation, it actually makes things harder as spare parts you may take for granted- in Africa, an XT mech won't be easy to replace if broken.
Once the idea takes off, Hans is intending on having specific bike manufactured especially.

They'll be basic 6 speed ATBs with pannier racks front and rear, with tough tyres and easily replaceable spares- worldwide...

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