Pigs. And bikes.

It was only a matter of time before someone would paint cycling scenes onto a pig. Well, it was in Bath anyway...

Legend has it that in 863BC King Bladud, ruler of the Britons and King Lear's old man, contracted a dose of the old leprosy. He thought that his ailment would mean he couldn't rule and became a swineherd down here in the Avon Valley. Anyway, his pigs discovered the hot springs around Bath, Bladud had a Bath and lo! he was cured...

And this has what to do with bikes? Actually both nothing and everything. This summer Bath – where CPlus Tower is located – is infested with pigs. They're King Bladud's Pigs decorated by local artists and residents, and sponsored by local businesses. They're quirky and funny – if you like painted pigs – and at the end of the summer they'll be auctioned off to raise money for The Two Tunnels project. (That's a project to build a new cycle and walking path in the city.)

Anyway, I found my favourite while riding into work on Thursday. It's plonked down by the River Avon, next to some industrial units...

Rob Spedding

Editor-in-Chief, Cycling Plus, Cycling Plus Magazine
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