Road filth

What do you ride past?

All manner of things pop into my head on the commute into work - often the most productive 45 minutes of my day. It's the headspace, creative time when your mind starts to wander, especially when you spot something lying at the side of the dual carriageway.

Today's particular train of thought came from a discarded porn mag - and no I didn't stop to pick it up. Funnily enough there was a dead fox right after it, was he caught unawares whilst trying to sneak a look?

Male interest magazines and their location were a regular source of titillation in my teens (and remain in my mid thirties). I can remember that kid at school bringing in the magazines he'd found at one particular spot. Why dual carriageways are such a fruitful source I've no idea. However it does seem to be on the decline what with the advent of the internet.

Free porn aside, the point to all this is that it got me thinking about some of the more unusual items I've seen on my daily 2 mile stretch. An easy blog perhaps, but here goes another list (feel free to add your own):

Animal (mostly dead):
- Ducks - usually in pairs
- Numerous squashed birds - seagulls being a popular one
- One ottter - sad but a sign that they must be out there
- One or two cats - but not dogs, thankfully
- Two deer, together - my made recon the second one was suicide
- Foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and rats - loads
- One man - not dead and there was somebody attending to him

- Single shoes
- Sunglasses
- Bike lights and reflectors
- Cassette tape - who's still using them?
- CDs
- Workmen's helmets
- Traffic cones
- One wheel - actually came off a car and was coming straight for me
- Inner tubes - naughty you should take them home with you
- Loads of spilt diesel - very slippy and gave me a headache
- Earphones
- USB cable
- Shopping trolley - on the dual carriage way?
- The odd burnt out car
- Fridge
- Air compressor

- The contents of a fruit lorry

If anyone commutes on the A4 between Bristol and Bath and has found an arm from a pair of Adidas Evileye glasses it's probably mine.

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