Silly commuting racing and your food chain number

The forum thread monster is out of control!

Since the inception of the Commuting forum on, it has proven to be a popular stop-off for advice, rants, route planning and other riding-to-work usefulness.

One of the most popular topics has been the Silly Commuting Racing thread where scores are achieved according to how many people you overtake.

There’s a food chain where each road user has a set number – scooters, for example, are high in the chain with one point while full-suspension mountain bikes with knobbly tyres are at the other end with a score of 11.

The closer you are to the top of the food chain, the better. Dropping someone higher in the chain means more points, kudos and bragging powers with fellow commuters.

A Food Chain Calculator, Food Chain Adjusters and the rules can all be found on the Silly Commuting Racing website, and updates, anecdotes and other tall tales are regularly posted on the Silly Commuting Racing forum thread.

Join the madness now. And be safe.

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