Team BikeRadar latest from Mont Saint Anne

Marc Beaumont reports from Canada

After arriving late on Tuesday night we have had a quiet day. Alan (team mechanic) spent the day building bikes getting them all tricked out for the wet weekend ahead, I'm guessing!

The track looks cool as usual, it's very similar to last year, slightly tighter in a couple of sections. They have built three big jumps at the bottom of the downhill (also part of the 4X track) and the last double is around thirty feet. It will be a cool finish to the course if the weather holds out, fingers crossed.

After walking downhill myself, Donny and Will all went out on our hardtails to a small pump track in Mont Saint Anne. It was really tight but good fun. Neil fell off in a berm which was the highlight... For me and Will at least.

We also rode some North Shore on the side of the cross country which was a good laugh too. I'll be bringing you more news from the team tomorrow.

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