That was the year that was...

MBUK's best of 2009

So what was your highlight of 2009? Peaty winning the World's? Another awesome World Cup at Fort William?

Nailing that jump, trick or technique you've been working on for months? Or perhaps, whisper it, something non-bike related?

Here's our pick of the best in 2009. Tell us yours!


  • Steve Peat winning the World Champs. I’ve been waiting for that since I was a kid and it was amazing to see him take the win in a straight fight.
  • Getting married. Probably should have been number one…
  • Danny MacAskill pouring tequila up my nose at Fort Bill.
  • The time me and Collins Boy saw a squirrel fall out of a tree at Chicksands. That genuinely ranks pretty highly.  


  • Peaty winning the Worlds. So long awaited - so richly deserved. And Rob Warner crying about it.
  • Our October ride in the Forest of Dean. A perfect blue sky and the most awesome riding mates ever. What a blast.
  • My daughter learning to walk and managing to get it all on film. Corny I know, but I'll get her on a bike next!
  • Snow in February - and December!
  • BikeRadar Live. It totally reminded me why I love working on the mag and what it's all for.
  • Danny MacAskill going global. 12 million YouTube hits and counting...



  • Peaty winning the Worlds. It genuinely made me very happy.
  • Seeing Angkor Wat at sunset
  • Giving an elephant a bath
  • Seeing fireflies over the Mekong Delta
  • My first SCUBA dive on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Many, many ace gigs – AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Biffy Clyro were the top three
  • Recording my band’s second EP
  • Putting on Guitars In Their Eyes and raising loads of money for charity
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