The MBUK Playlist (2)

What's your fave riding music? Ric reveals his 'best of' this week.

When you're pegging it through the woods you might be listening to something on your headphones, or find yourself humming a familiar toon.

It could be a favourite track from a video, something that reminds you of a particular time in your riding or just a bit of music that gets you ‘in the mood’. Not, not that  kind of mood.

Anyway, we asked the MBUK boys what their top five bike tunes would be in no particular order. This week, Ric's choices...

Ric's Top 5

1. The Stone Roses – Begging You

Reminds me of dusty summer trails back home and my mate Stu eating cheesecake before riding dead sketchy on V-brakes.

2. Oasis – Bring It On Down

Memories of just getting into Oasis and my old Rockhopper. 

3. Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster

If I was ever good enough to have a video section I’d want this under-valued piece of Belfast punk genius on it.

4. Mark B and Blade – The Unknown

This takes me back to the days of Sprung and building rubbish ramps at the weekends.

5.Cum On Feel The Noize – Oasis 

A pretty hard to find cover of a Slade classic. It’s not really a riding tune it just reminds me of good times in Edinburgh and Belfast and when I’m in a good mood I ride better…kind of is a riding tune then.

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