Things I say I hate - but secretly love...

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Things I say I hate - but secretly loveâ¦

Shimano Gore Tex boots
The clumpy looking GoreTex lined boots. Look like they were designed as Frankensteins footwear, but they work really well. Nothing stops rides faster than cold feet, but not any more. I am a closet overshoe user, but with these boots I can âmanageâ that habit.

Gore BikeWear Soft Shell jacket
I donât really like the look of it, as Iâm not a big fan of piping style trim especially on sleeves (it never looks tidy) so Iâve steered clear. However, I rode one the other day with just a base layer underneath and was amazed. It had a really good feel, is â as Gore say it is -both windproof and waterproof. Just a solid piece of kit. I still donât like the way it looks, but, through gritted teeth, Iâve accepted it into the wardrobe.

Pace RC39 C-Type bar mounted lock out lever.
I HATE bar mounted lock outs, mostly because Iâm a fussy git about keeping my bar uncluttered so when Iâm dying up a climb I can grip the bar anywhere and be sure of having an even grip with both hands. That said Iâve secretly got quite into using the lock out lever on the C-Type. Itâs small and sharp and ruins the symmetry of the bar but for mixed surface riding, it is very handy to be able to take my S-Works Stumpy to fully rigid. Please Adrian can you make one that fits under the bar?

Old fashioned water bottles
I donât know why this old habit just wonât die, as hydration packs are so much more convenient. I just like having a water bottle. Maybe itâs because I grew up watching pro riders skilfully gulp down water from muddy bottles while bumping along with one hand on the bar. Itâs a disappearing art form, so I like to do my bit to keep it alive.

Tubeless tyres
Theyâre heavy, hard to fit without recourse to swearing and heavy. Yes, I said heavy twice, because they deserve it. However they do feel good when fitted. I hate them and I love them.

Heavy bikes
Light bikes are easy to ride. Heavy ones take a bit more thought. Stopping them take more space, you have to apply your full body and mind to moving them uphill with any speed, but have you ever felt better in your entire life than when you cream some dude on a super light rig on your tractor, just through the application of sheer will power? Heavy bikes have a place. Iâve got and OLD Scott hardtail complete with child seat and three year old son and we regularly go out to the local tow path and go looking for riders to embarrass as we cruise by to whoops of â£Yee-Haaâ from little Alex.

Let me know what you hate but secretly loveâ¦


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