This week’s credit crunch bargain

Take 2 bikes into the shower

This week’s credit crunch bargain is a portable bike washer. 

Ok, at £89.99 this comes in nearer the hundred quid challenge top end, but it’s still a bargain in the long run:

My friend Jonathan has had one for ages and they’re a godsend on road trips during the wetter and muddier times of the year (all year round in the UK, then). 

Our empirical testing has proved that it contains enough water to just about clean two Yetis to a satisfactory enough level to ‘safely’ put them back in the boot of your car without them wrecking it.

It is compact enough to store in your car full-time, which takes the hassle out of remembering it in amongst your other bike paraphernalia when you’re setting out to the trailhead by car. 

However, you must remember to keep it topped up with water, otherwise, like Jonathan and I realised once to our error, you’ll have decidedly dirty Yetis (or Giants, or Mongooses etc.) instead in the back of your car on the way home!

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