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Rides to Work, by Steve Worland

Rides to Work, by Steve Worland

Theoretically, I've always been into the idea of eating locally produced
foods. I go through phases of buying those delivered-to-the door organic
local food boxes, usually until I just can't think of anything else to do
with turnips, then I resort to supermarket exotica again.

I was thinking about this on my ride in to work today. I know that,
theoretically, you can eat almost anything if you really put your mind to
it, although this year's I'm a Celebrity lot withered as soon as they saw a
Kangaroo's anus on the platter. Wimps. Tongue phobia I can understand: it's
already been in something else's mouth. But anus is more than likely just
like Calamari.

I reckon us mountain bikers must, accidentally, become hardened to
consuming stuff that mere mortals would shudder at the thought of. Some of
the things that end up tickling my taste buds as I pedal have a very
distinctive taste... that spartan-fresh misty morning air of winter (and the
leafy afterburn)... that metallic bloody taste that appears when I try too
hard up the first hill of the day... the tiny clouds of flies I keep
swallowing in summer evenings that taste like bitter almonds and have the
same effect on my tongue as the thought of eating chalk... all those
different muds, each one with it's own distinctive flavour...

Then there's dog shit. I've been trying some new mudguards from Topeak this
week. An hour of pitch black woodsy riding is my regular trip home these
days. Anything that keeps the crud at bay is welcome. The new Topeak
Defenders are great. They might even sideline the old faithful Crudcatchers.
But I rode home on my cyclo cross bike a couple of days ago to try out my
new skinny tyred tubeless set up. I forgot to fit the guards (who fits
mudguards to a cross bike, it just doesn't look right). The taste of dog
shit, and the instant wretching it produces, is unforgettable. Take my word
for it. Three days later even the thought brings back the taste. Sorry, I
just imagined that unloading this might somehow rid me of the aftertaste.
But it hasn't.

This week iPod Trailmix has been...
Morr Music - 'Blue Skied and Clear' compilation.
The Fall - Heads Roll
R J Valeo - September

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