Interbike special report: Surprising number of bikes

Pass the drool bucket, suggests Elden Nelson

The sheer number of bikes on display may cause show attendees to go into a daze.

In a fast-breaking news flash, we’re excited to report that there are lots of bikes on the expo floor at the 2008 Interbike show.


Furthermore, many – if not most – of these bikes are very nice.

Jared Gibbons, an independent bike store owner in Carmel, Indiana, was heard to remark, “Wow. Look at all those bikes.”

Pressed for details, Gibbons elaborated: “I mean, there’s like a million bikes out there. I’ve seen hundreds of bikes I’d really like. Even the ones I’ve never heard of before seem really cool. Oh, and a lot of them have great paint jobs and awesome components.

“Have you checked out the road bikes?” Gibbons asked, as he stood at the crossroads of four high-end bicycle vendors’ booths. “Those things are light. Almost all of them weigh less than 20 pounds!”

Asked which bike he would consider to be the standout of the show, Gibbons replied: “I don’t know. I like all of them.”


Gibbons’s sentiments seem to be shared by several show attendees, many of whom were seen wandering around in apparent daze, drool gathering at the corners of their mouths. “Bikes… good,” many were heard to comment.