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Riding to work will make you and your colleagues happier

This week on BikeRadar, we’re going to be bringing you a series of articles about bicycle commuting. Whether you’re already riding to work regularly or you’d like to get started, we’ll have something to help you.

We’ll be looking at the best options out there in terms of commuter bikes and the clothes and accessories you should consider to make your ride a safer, more enjoyable one.

We’ll also be bringing you tips to help you stay safe in traffic. And we’ll be looking at how you can make the roads safer for cyclists when you are in your car.

Why cycle to work? Well, we know that it’s cheaper, healthier, better for the environment, that it makes us happier and that cyclists have better sex lives, but if you’re a manager, another positive effect is that you’ll have happier staff as a result. I can say this from experience.

If you commute by bike, your colleagues will see the benefit as well

A past manager of mine commuted by train and on those crowded, often-delayed journeys to and from work he would pass the time by sending me emails from his iPad. Those emails started at around 7am and didn’t finish until 7pm and I felt compelled to be online to answer them. And because his morning train commute was so unpleasant, he’d often arrive at the office stressed and grumpy.

My current manager cycles to work, so his hands are too busy steering a bike to be tapping out emails, and because he’s just had a blast of fresh air and exercise, he’s always bright and cheerful when he gets in to the office.

So if you commute by bike, not only are you improving your own life, but your colleagues will see the benefit as well, and in turn they’ll be nicer to you. How’s that for a win-win situation?

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