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New mountain biking gear

Andystand AS2 bike stand

Andystand as2: andystand as2

Looking for a simple bike stand that won’t take up too much space? Not fussed about the full functionality of a full workstand? The UK-made Andystand AS2 could be right up your street.

The AS2 uses a single arm to suspend a bike by its hollow-axle bottom bracket. This means it’ll work with most cranksets from Shimano, SRAM and FSA and many others that feature a 20mm hole. While in situ, the front wheel of the bike will touch the ground and so basic cleaning and maintenance issues can be dealt with.

It’s rated for bicycles weighing up to 43lbs, so won’t have an issue with even the heaviest of today’s downhill rigs. When not in use, the AS2 will fold down completely flat making it ideal for indoor or car storage. Those who like the idea but don’t need the folding functionality should take a look at Andystand’s original, cheaper AS1 stand.

£49.99 / overseas shipping available on request


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