11spd: This week’s best new bike gear

Loud grips, tasty snacks, bargain bikes and carbon bling

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Spring has most definitely sprung – or at least it has in the UK. You can tell because your riding day can start in sub-zero temperatures, rise enough to warrant short sleeves, and then get pelted with hailstones. Ah spring!


As well as wildly variable weather, spring also means two other important things. First, the results of the long-awaited Bike of the Year 2019 awards were announced — keep your eyes peeled on BikeRadar as more reviews are going up each day, and if you want to check out the winners, let us make it simple for you, they are:

Second, it’s when lots more new kit starts to come on the market, and if there’s one thing we love here on BikeRadar, it’s new kit. In recent weeks we’ve had news of a budget RockShox fork, short-reach shifters from Shimano (good news for small handed riders) and more.

Endura PFC-free kit cleaner and re-proofer

A black bottle and black spray bottle standing up against a white background. The bottles are by Endura.
Environmentally friendly cleaner and reproofer? Yes please!
Aoife Glass / Immediate Media Co

Given the impact we’re having on the very environment we love to ride, it might be a good idea to consider choosing products that have a lower environmental impact.

Step forward Endura who has produced a new PFC-free cleaner and reproofer to keep your kit in top nick.

PFC stands for Perflourinated compounds, which have a number of properties such as hydrophobicity (aka water repellency) and stain resistance, which makes them understandably popular in technical fabrics.

However, there are concerns with its use. PFC can be toxic to animals and are highly persistent in the environment: it doesn’t break down easily, meaning it can hang around for a long time and can, as a result, accumulate and build up to stronger, more harmful, concentrations.

There are two items in the range, a wash-in cleaner/re-proofer and a spray-on re-proofer.

X Tools Colourful Hex Key set

A set of multitools with each tool a different colour of the rainbow, resting on a white background
The colours make grabbing the correct tool a little easier, so there’s a practical reason for them too
Aoife Glass / Immediate Media Co

What could be better and more useful than a nice set of Allen or Hex keys?

That’s right – a COLOURFUL set of keys. Not only will they make reaching for the right size key easier, they’ll also brighten up your tool box no end.

Come on, admit it. They’re pretty and it makes you want to use them, right?

  • £14.99 / $21.99 / AU$3079

Odlo Seamless High sports bra

Picture of the front and back of a grey Odlo sports bra on a white background
Good, comfortable support is important for many female riders

While all base layers are pretty important, sports bras are critical to get right. They need to be comfortable, fit well and offer the right level of support.

Odlo is hoping it’s new seamless sports bra ticks all the boxes. It has a seamless construction designed to encapsulate and support the bust with a racerback design and adjustable underbust band.  A range of different knit styles are used to provide flex or support where needed, and it comes in a range of colours. Sizing ranges from XS to L.

We’ll be testing it out to see how it fares against other sports bras on the market.

  • £40 / €44.95

Specialized S-Works SW Road Carbon Seatpost and SL alloy stem

A carbon bicycle seatpost resting on a black box containing a black bicycle stem on a white background
S-Works carbon seatpost and alloy stem, for added understated bling
Aoife Glass / Immediate Media Co

If you want to lighten your bike and give it that subtle, pro-racer, ‘I go very fast’ look, then finishing kit is a relatively inexpensive way of doing that.

Or if money is no object, then why not bung on a bit of carbon bling?

The SW Road Carbon seatpost is constructed from — you guessed it — FACT carbon. It has a cylindrical profile and a single bolt head assembly which makes shifting the saddle position fore and aft or adjusting the tilt nice and easy.

Close-up detail of the head of the S-Works carbon seatpost with a single bolt for attaching a saddle, on a white background
A single bolt makes adjustment easier
Aoife Glass / Immediate Media Co

Don’t sniff at the alloy stem though, just because it doesn’t have the materials pedigree the seatpost has. It may be formed of CNC machined 7075 alloy but it’s also got titanium hardware, and has an expander plug so it can play nicely with carbon steerers.

  • S-Works SW Road Carbon seatpost:  $180 / AU$230
  • Specialized S-Works SL stem:  £95 / $125 / AU$160

Burgtec The Bartender Pro Greg Minnaar grips

3 sets of rubber handle bar grips, one in pink, one in yellow and one in orange, resting on a white background
Designed for downhill riders with the input of Greg Minnaar
Aoife Glass / Immediate Media Co

The vibrant, slightly squishy pro-rider edition of these popular lock-on grips retails at a rather reasonable £19.99.</