16 reasons why non-cyclists just don’t get us

"You spent how much?" and other things often said to the BikeRadar community

There are some things that our non-cycling friends (why are they our friends if they don’t cycle?) say that just crop up time and again. You know the sort of thing: “Your bike cost how much?”; “You rode how far?”; and “I would never wear lycra”…


We asked the BikeRadar community for some pearls of, ahem, wisdom that they keep being given by non-cyclists, and here’s a selection of the best.

How many have you heard and what other things do non-cyclists always say? Join the conversation in this forum thread here.

1. iPete: “How far?! Are you raising money for charity?”

2. Tetley10: “You were out in that weather?!”

Immediate Media Co.

It may be a bit cold but that won’t stop us

3. ChippyK: “I don’t like going up hills…”

4. Downhill_Paul: “How do you walk in those shoes?” [When wearing cleats]

5. ChippyK: “What do you need five bikes for?”

Immediate Media Co.

Everyone knows that you need an aero bike, sportive bike, commuting bike, city bike, downhill bike and a trail bike. At the very least.

6. JackPozzi: “You could have bought a car for that!”

7. Djfleming22: “You ride where? On the road? That’s too dangerous. I wouldn’t do that…”

8. RoubaixTom: “Those tyres are so thin – do you not get scared cycling on tyres that skinny?”

9. Downhill_Paul: “How can a saddle that small be comfortable?”

Immediate Media Co.

“How can you sit on something so small?”

10. BR_Gregor: “Isn’t it quicker to drive?”

11. Crescent: “So, let me get this right, you cycled all that way to [insert place name], turned round and cycled back again? Why?”

12. JackPozzi: “How come Mark Cavendish wins all the time but isn’t in the yellow jersey?”

Tim de Waele

“So why’s Cav not in the yellow jersey then?”

13. mm1: “How do you manage without a car?”

14. Byke68: “How do you get your feet out?” [When using clipless pedals]

15. Greg_T: “Sorry mate, I didn’t see you.”

16. II_Principe: “Why are you wearing socks over your shoes?”

Immediate Media Co.

“Dude, what’s with the socks?”