3 bizarre bike sports you’ve never heard of

Whatever you're doing right now, it's not nearly as niche as any of these

Looking for an inventive way to injure yourself? You've come to the right place

What niche form of cycling do you like to indulge in? Gravel grinding? Singlespeed cyclocross? Recumbent cruising? Well, we’re afraid to say that no matter how weird you may think your chosen fringe form of cycling is, it doesn’t even come close to these.


The UCI indoor cycling championships in Stuttgart has just concluded and we took the chance to check out the highlights from the week’s events and investigate some other unusual bike-based sports.

Artistic cycling, because acrobatics obviously isn’t hard enough already

We’re in equal parts baffled and envious watching this video

This video hardly needs introduction — those moves are ridiculously impressive. We can barely manage a forward roll let alone a handstand on a moving bike.

However, it does leave us with a few important questions; How would those 1:1 geared, fixed gear bikes with a head angle that looks close to 90 degrees handle on the road? How on earth do you get into this incredibly fringe sport? And would I look good in one of those leotards?

While we can’t answer all of these questions right now, we’re already scouring eBay for a suitably garish leotard.  

Bike ball, because feet are for losers

Ever wondered what cycle-ball is? Look no further

Are you rubbish at football yet crave the camaraderie of a team sport? Are you decent at track stands, wheelies and turn bars, but run like a foal on ice? If so, bike ball may be the sport for you.

Riding on bikes that look like a cross between a Raleigh chopper and a pitch-fork, bike ball is possibly the most Euro thing to ever happen. Ever.

My take? Clearly an easy way to get injured fast. I’ll pass.

Unicycle football, because goring your shins doesn’t get boring

If you have a beard, a taste for irony and a high threshold for pain, this may be one for you

Do you often think, “I wish what I was doing right now was even harder and more dangerous” when riding your unicycle? If this is a concern you often have, unicycle football may be the sport for you.

Unicycle football appears to be a hybrid of American football and riding a unicycle… It’s as simple as that.

With a rulebook which is remarkably extensive (i.e. hard to learn) and with tackles that are as equally aggressive as its bike-less counterpart, we’ll be giving this one a miss.

We’re also sad to report that a mere $350 has been pledged towards the $100,000 cost of building a dedicated unicycle football stadium. And we thought the demand for such a venue was huge!

Maybe the exposure this article will afford will make up the remaining $99,650. Stranger things and all that.


Have we missed anything? If you know of, or indeed participate in, anything as niche as any of these let us know in the comments below.