4iiii’s latest dual-sided power meter the Podiiiium

Dual-sided USB chargeable unit can be retro-fitted

This video was produced in association with 4iiii.


Canadian brand 4iiii has a new dual-sided power meter called the Precision Podiiiium.

The Podiiiium uses small pods that fit to each side of your cranks, and which measure just 7.5mm thick. They are fully waterproof, and offer USB charging for a claimed battery life of 60 hours. 

4iiii can retro-fit your existing cranks or supply ready-to-ride units pre-fitted to Shimano cranks from 105 level upwards. 


Watch our video for a full rundown of the Podiiiium’s features.

The Precision Podiiiium is 4iiii’s latest and greatest power meter