5 children’s cycling accessories we wish were also made for adults

Kit that remains out of reach the taller we grow

Kids have it great. They have no real responsibilities, every day presents a new, exciting experience, and time seems to last forever — and they have the finest pick of sick cycling accessories, too.


While we at BikeRadar are fortunate enough to have access to some of the finest wares the cycling world has to offer, cool bike accessories for kids remain out of our reach.

Here are the top five items I’d like to see in adult friendly sizes…

1. LittleLife Dinosaur Backpack

And who didn’t wish they were a dinosaur at least once as a child?

Do you have a habit of getting lost in large crowds? Do you wake every morning in a sweaty panic wishing you were a crocodile/dinosaur/seahorse? If so, this rucksack/leash combo from LittleLife may be the solution for you.

We’re particularly fond of the dinosaur option, with its attached tail potentially offering some mudguard-like protection and menacing spikes sure to intimidate mean drivers while commuting.

We’re not sure, however, whether the fairy wings or dinosaur spikes offer the greatest aerodynamic benefit for cyclists.

2. Hamax Kiss child’s seat

Enlarge that poncho and it could be the next big thing for bikepacking

The idea of an adult rated child seat, even without the addition of some kind of intoxicating drink, sounds amusing beyond compare.

Add in this stylish poncho and you could even consider offering an all-weather, bike based lift-share service. You read it here first.

3. WeeRide Alloy Pro Pilot tag-along

Create a tandem-like train — choo, choo!

An adult sized tag-along could probably be best thought of as a poor person’s tandem and we’d love to see one go into production.

Not only would it be far cheaper than buying a dedicated tandem, but the hinged joint would make for a particularly challenging (amusing) ride — perhaps this is the ‘one weird workout to get ultimate abs’ that we hear so much about.

Having something auxiliary in tow behind any sort of vehicle is also bound to attract comparisons with a train and we would highly recommend making as many ‘choo-choo’ noises as your heart desires. You’ll have to supply your own driver’s hat, though.

4. Lazer P’Nut Crazy Shell

Fire engine noises not included

While there are all sorts of (largely quite boring/ugly) covers and aero-shells available for grown-up helmets, we’re yet to see a manufacturer bold enough to produce an adult-sized version of the Lazer P’Nut Crazy Shell.

And while we have no doubt that looking like a firefighter (or a spaceship for that matter) would help make you more visible on your commute, drivers will also likely give you a wider berth assuming that there’s something deeply flawed with you. A win-win situation in our eyes.

Until then, you could go full Sheldon Brown and tape a random ornament of some sort to your helmet.

5. Spokey Dokeys

Who didn’t have these on their bike as a child?

While not technically incompatible with an adult’s bike, Spokey Dokeys are definitely not compatible with social norms.

We personally think there’s nothing wrong with someone over the age of 12 rocking the colourful noise-makers and you should expect an in-depth group test from us in the near future.


What kid’s bike stuff do you wish was made in big kids’ sizes? Let us know in the comments.