6 tips for riding through water

How to get through the wet stuff without getting soaked!

Avoid a soggy sole

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Wet feet can make a good ride miserable, so whether it’s a puddle or a full-on stream crossing, check out these tips for the best chance of staying dry.

It’s often hard to judge depth and choose a smooth line, so approach cautiously and focus on keeping your pedals turning so you don’t have to put a foot down.

1. Hover

Hover over your saddle as you pedal. That way, if your bike hits a rock, the impact won’t knock you out of balance straight away.

2. Knees out

It looks goofy, but sticking your knees out when pedalling will aid your balance at really slow speeds.

3. Gears

Choose a gear that’s slightly harder than normal so you can keep turning rather than spinning out if your rear wheel loses traction.

4. Look

Don’t get drawn into looking down. Look up at where you want to go to help your balance.

5. Keep turning

Whatever happens, don’t stop pedalling!

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6. Advanced

The best way to get over a small stream is to manual and keep your front wheel out of the water. This way there’s less chance of getting your feet wet or going over the bars if you’re travelling at speed.