A 125 motorbike is the best worst vehicle for an MTB holiday

Updated: part two is here

Bikes costing more than the vehicles that transport them is a familiar trope on BikeRadar, mainly because we like to get our priorities in the right order.


Not many of us have taken things quite as far as the Trippin Fellaz however, who set out to experience some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery, carrying their mountain bikes on tiny 125cc motorbikes costing just £500 (if the video description is to be believed).

Part one of the journey is on YouTube already and it’s certainly worth eight minutes of your time.

It does lean a little heavily on the slightly contrived feeling faux-voicemail narration, but that doesn’t detract from a fun little film that makes me want to browse eBay for a rusty Honda CG125. I’m certainly looking forward to part two.

Update 5 October 2018: part two is now available for your viewing pleasure:


What’s the most unusual vehicle you’ve used to schlep bikes around?