Adding value to your cycling adventures

Choosing a bike that will hold its value

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Calculating how much a second hand bike will be worth is more art than science. And if bike buyers toss and turn over how much their new steed might lose while they ride – a general rule of thumb is up to 50 percent in their first year and 10 percent after that – so do most car buyers. Unless they’re purchasing the all-new Mazda3, in which case they can rest easy in a choice well-made: experts forecast it will hold its value well.

As the car still remains a critical investment for all cyclists, recent data from vehicle information providers CAP suggest that at the standard sale benchmark of three years or 60,000 miles, the all-new Mazda3 will retain up to 37 percent of its value, comfortably out performing its key competitors. So as you look ahead towards your next 12 months of riding and reach for an new adventure, it’s great to know you’ll have the ideal support vehicle with a timeless quality to help you obtain that goal much easier than before.

Speaking about the all-new Mazda3, CAP forecasting editor for cars, Jeff Knight, said: “Allied with lightweight SKYACTIV technology, a well specified car with a 150ps diesel engine offering from just 104g/km of CO2* is a genuinely interesting and competitive player in a heavily crowded sector.”

As you’ll see in forthcoming articles on this very hub, any trans-continental or complicated bicycle journeys, such as the ‘3-day, 3 countries challenge’ will require serious advanced planning and a secondary mode of transportation to complete the adventure. And predictably, this is the time people won’t contemplate the value of their chosen vehicles as they embark their bold pedal-powered challenges.

As the all-new Mazda3 petrol­engine Hatchback and Fastback models are expected to retain up to 35 percent of their value at three year/60,000 miles waypoint, according to CAP, it highlights that the vehicle can fit into any long-term plans cyclists may be considering.

Coming in two body styles – the all-new Mazda3’s five-door Hatchback and four-door Fastback adopts Mazda’s Kodo – Soul of Motion design language, and beneath the stylish low-slung exterior – both a winner in terms of looks and aerodynamics – Mazda offers a choice of either the lightweight, high-tech SKYACTIV-G petrol engine available in 3 power outputs, 100PS, 120PS and the range toping 165PS and one equally sophisticated 150PS SKYACTIV-D diesel engine.

The level of consideration of any biking journey is of incredible importance, but the value of what you choose as your mode of vehicle can be equally as detrimental to your experience. The basic recipe for a bike tour is preparation and considering its support system and vehicle can be the icing on your well-baked plans.

Among the diesel Fastback range, residual values are led by the 2.2­litre 150ps upper mid-trim SE­L Nav (£21,345) and the 2.2­litre 150ps top trim Sport Nav (£22,145), which CAP forecasts will each retain 35 percent of their value at £7,475 and £7,750 respectively at three years or 60,000 miles.

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* The MPG figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results obtained through laboratory testing. These are provided for comparability purposes only and may not reflect your actual driving results.