Afternoon getaway gallery – week 1

A selection of inspiring riding photos

Here at BikeRadar we’re lucky enough to have access to an archive of photographs that have either been taken for or featured in our sister magazines (Mountain Biking UK, Cycling Plus, What Mountain Bike and Procycling).


We thought it time to start unearthing some of these hidden gems and sharing across our social networks as part of our daily ‘Afternoon Getaway’ – a chance to sit back and escape for a few minutes, dream of riding and admire some amazing photography…

So join us between 2.30-3.30pm on either Facebook, Google+ or Twitter and have your say in the sort of photograph you’d like to see.

Les deux alpes:
Dan Milner

It was this awe inspiring image by Dan Milner of Les Deux Alpes that kicked off the ‘Afternoon Getaway’ trend.

North yorks moors:
Russell Burton

This shot of two riders on the North York Moors seemed the perfect choice for our Valentine’s day photo – credit to Russell Burton for the shot that appeared in Cycling Plus issue 240.

Singletrack in summer: suggestion by peter cookson.:
Dan Milner

In the midst of cold winter mornings and dark nights, dry, dusty singletrack is the thing of dreams. This picture was picked after a suggestion by Peter Cookson who wanted to see ‘singletrack in the Summer.’ We think Dan Milner has captured this perfectly.

Epic scottish singletrack: suggestion by craig ireland.:
Russell Burton / Our Media

This photo was picked after a suggestion by Craig Ireland wanting to see some ‘epic Scottish singletrack.’ The photo appeared in Mountain Biking UK issue 246, taken by Russell Burton, with the image notes just stating ‘Scotland, secret trail.’

High mountain pass: suggestion by daniel loots.:
Little Mountain Pictures
Daniel Loots wanted to see an image depicting a ‘high mountain pass.’ We thought this shot of the Etape route from Little Mountain Pictures, was a good match. This image featured in Cycling Plus issue 258.
Western dales. best comment sean booker: ahh mordor. there’s some good riding there…:
Russell Burton

This pretty magical shot of the Western Dales, taken by Russell Burton, was a lucky find, dug up from Mountain Biking UK issue 260. The best comment on this image came from one of our Facebook followers Sean Booker, ‘ahh Mordor. There’s some good riding there…’

Switzerland, val d’anniviers, zinal.: switzerland, val d’anniviers, zinal.

This picture taken in Switzerland, Val d’Anniviers, sums up the ‘Afternoon Getaway,’ complete escape from all around you. This photograph was featured in Mountain Biking UK issue 246 by

Colorado trail, colorado: colorado trail, colorado
Dan Milner
This stunning image was taken by Dan Milner back in 2008 and featured in What Mountain Bike, issue 93. It’s part of the Colorado Trail, Colorado, USA. 
Stay on it: suggestion by roy forster. : stay on it: suggestion by roy forster.
Sven Martin
You can’t have a few weeks of inspiring riding photographs and not feature Whistler! This image by Sven Martin was inspired by a mixture of suggestions from our Facebook page.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ‘Afternoon Getaway’ round-up.


Join in and suggest the photographs you want to see between 2.30-3.30 pm daily on our social network sites!