Airstreeem 2019 — customisable carbon road bike and a portable TT bike

Relaunched Austrian brand talks us through its new bikes

This video was produced in association with Airstreeem.


Airstreeem (yes, three e’s) is an Austrian brand that is relaunching for 2018. We caught up with CEO Stefan Probst who talked us through the brand’s customisable Triple EEE carbon road bike and innovative Super TT Plus triathlon bike.

Airstreeem’s new tri and road bikes

The Triple EEE can be customised to suit your requirements and tastes in terms of ride quality and geometry, with prices for a custom frameset starting at €5,000, which includes a consultation with Probst.

Interestingly, Probst noted that this service has been particularly popular with short and lighter riders.

He also talked us through the Airstreeem’s Super TT Plus triathlon bike.


Developed in conjunction with KTM, the bike features an innovative and easily dismantlable cockpit, and a fancy 3D-printed brake linkage that is said to give some of the best rim braking performance on the market.