Apidura’s Racing Range is designed for audax aficionados

Light, waterproof, minimalist and designed for ultra-long-distance racers

Apidura is a UK-based company that’s developed a reputation for making good quality bike packs for cyclists who favour riding further, faster and lighter. It’s latest range of bags are designed for ultra-long-distance racers, using lightweight fabrics and minimalist sizes.


The Apidura Racing Series comprises a saddle pack, frame pack and handlebar pack, all constructed from a waterproof bespoke laminate fabric that’s designed to be lightweight and sturdy.

This is very much a range for people who only want to carry the bare minimum. For wet-weather audaxes the range is ideal for holding those spare items of clothing, essential repair equipment and snacks, and for ultra-distance riders the saddle pack, frame pack and handlebar pack will keep a light, minimalist bivibag and sleeping bag secure and dry.

Apidura has supported riders competing in super-long distance events such as the TransAtlantic Race in Ireland and the Transcontinental race across Europe, so this range is a natural extension to its product lines.

Apidura Racing Saddle Pack

The small seat pack is waterproof and sits securely under the saddle
Jack Luke / Immediate Media Co

The pack is, according to Apidura, the first dedicated to ‘ultra-distance competition and audax’. It has a 5-litre capacity and a claimed weight of 200g, though I weighed it at a slightly lighter 194g.

It has a three-point attachment system with a secure Velcro strap that fits around the seatpost and two straps that secure to the saddle rails, keeping the bag neatly in place with no noticeable movement when riding.

A roll-top closure system means you can pack down the contents tightly, and there are reflective elements as well as laser-cut attachment points for lights.

I’ve managed to pack in several inner tubes, a pump, waterproof jacket, spare lights and a small pack of essentials in a not-particularly efficient manner on my initial ride with the pack, and had room to spare.

Apidura Racing Frame Pack

Apidura’s neat, petite frame pack fits with room left for two bottle cages
Jack Luke / Immediate Media Co

Weighing in at 155g, 10g heavier than the claimed 145g, the frame pack has a 2.4-litre capacity in a compact form that’s been designed to fit “all frame sizes and styles,” according to Apidura. I managed to fit it to my 54cm Specialized Diverge with room for two water bottles in the frame.

The bag attaches with three Velcro straps along the top tube and two adjustable mesh straps on the down tube, and there’s a zip on each side protected by a waterproof flap.

Inside, the pack is divided into two by a flexible membrane, which is handy for keeping items separate, and there is a small cable port.

As with the seat pack, it features a reflective print for added visibility.

Apidura Racing Handlebar Pack

The handlebar bag has enough room to stow two extra bottles and plenty of snacks, or lightweight bivvying equipment
Jack Luke / Immediate Media Co

The handlebar pack provides a decent amount of storage with a 5-litre capacity, which comes in the form of a main central compartment accessed via a waterproof zip around the side of the pack.

There are also two circular access ports on the top that can be popped open, which allow access to the central compartment with mesh socks to keep items separate.

On the Apidura website these are shown to be suitable for popping in extra water bottles, but would also work well for your phone or snacks as they offer easy on-the-go access.

When closed, these pockets are protected from water ingress by a fold-over design.

On the top, there’s a mesh pocket for a SPOT tracker, but it would also be a handy place to store other bits and pieces. It isn’t rain-proof however, so won’t be suitable for electronics in wet weather.

The pack attaches via a combination of Velcro and adjustable mesh straps, and there are enough attachment points on the pack to allow it to fit myriad handlebar setups, including aerobars and drop handlebars.

I weighed this at 269g, a touch heavier than the advertised 265g.

Apidura Racing Series price and availability

All the items are available now from Apidura directly:

  • Apidura Racing Series Saddle Pack (194g): £125 / $167
  • Apidura Racing Series Frame Pack (155g): £90 / $120
  • Apidura Racing Series Handlebar Pack (269g): £115 / $154

I’ll be testing the products thoroughly over the winter, so keep your eyes peeled for the full review.