Are you a complete tool nerd? Take the test

"It's only a problem if you have to move"

Cycling tools serve a specific and useful purpose, but what happens when practical goes out the window? Welcome to the BikeRadar tool nerd test, where you determine whether you have a hobby or a problematic addiction. 


Here’s how it works: Give yourself a point for every statement that’s true:

  • <5 points: You’re no nerd; carry on
  • 5-13 points: You do most of your own work and take satisfaction in it
  • 14+ points: You’re officially a tool nerd! 

The test

20. You own more than one track pump or an air compressor.

19. You enjoy visiting the tool section of your local hardware store.

18. You own a derailleur hanger gauge.

17. Your screwdrivers are made in the US, Germany or by a cycling tool brand.

16. You own a bearing press that isn’t just a threaded rod and a stack of washers.

If you own tools ‘just in case’, it’s likely you’re a tool nerd
David Rome / Immediate Media

15. You have a cycling tool that you bought, but it’s never been used.

14. You know that Interbike and Eurobike is the time that new tools get announced (oh… and bikes too).

13. When you’re about to checkout on an online order, you quickly check the ‘workshop’ section to see if there’s anything to add.

12. Your birthday/Christmas gifts are generally tool related (add an extra point if they are to yourself).

Owning multiple types of hex wrench is a clear sign
David Rome / Immediate Media

11. You own more than three types of hex wrench.

10. You actually have a favourite hex wrench.

9. You associate colours with tool brands, blue = Park, green = Birzman, yellow = Pedro’s, shiny (yes, it’s a colour) = Lezyne.

Is there a bike tool branded item in your kitchen?
David Rome / Immediate Media

8. You have a cycling-tool branded bottle opener, pizza cutter or toilet roll holder.

7. You read Allen keys: everything you need to know in its entirety.

6. You had to buy a bigger, or second, tool box to hold all your tool.

Even when you’re a pro, you don’t get a kit like this unless you’re a tool nerd
David Rome / Immediate Media

5. While at your local shop, you peer at the mechanics’ area to see what they use.

4. You’ve bought tools based on matching colour.

3. You’ve spent time on or other tool-related sites (this is worth a read if you have a spare week).

2. You own a set of ‘take-along’ tools in addition to your home-based set.


1. You’re actually participating in this test.