Bike of the Year 2017: Trek Domane SLR 9 eTap wins Superbike of the Year

Double decouplers deliver Domane domination

The Trek Domane SLR 9 eTap has won the Superbike of the Year award in our 2017 Bike of the Year testing, one of 11 Bike of the Year categories that represent the culmination of a season’s worth of intensive testing.

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This year’s awards are a collaboration between BikeRadarCycling Plus magazine, What Mountain Bike magazine and Mountain Biking UK (MBUK) magazine, bringing a vast amount of expertise to the process.

The road bike testing was headed up by Cycling Plus, Britain’s leading road cycling magazine, which tested dozens upon dozens of the latest and greatest bikes to find a winner. 

With an unlimited budget, the Superbike of the Year test featured ten absurdly well-specced, ultra-desirable machines ranging in price from £4699.99 to an eye-watering £11,000. Eleven thousand pounds!

The most unassumingly rapid, confidence-inspiring bike on every road

As you’d hope with such an illustrious and expensive line-up, this was a high-scoring test, with no bike scoring lower than four out of five stars.

Special mention goes to Giant’s TCR Advanced SL 0, that according to tester Robin Wilmott “brings together all of the model’s historically fine handling, aggressive performance and efficiency”.

The Specialized Roubaix Pro Di2 (a more expensive variant of our overall Bike of the Year 2017 winner) won plaudits too, with Robin describing it as “a blisteringly fast, competent bike that will expand your horizons. Extraordinary rider comfort, grip and control is enhanced by electronic shifting, brilliant wheels and disc brakes.”

Nevertheless, it’s the Trek Domane SLR 9 eTap that took overall honours. Scoring five out of five stars, the Domane’s bump-taming double IsoSpeed system offers “extraordinary comfort, control and performance”, making this “the most unassumingly rapid, confidence-inspiring bike on every road”.

The Domane SLR 9 eTap offers double IsoSpeed decouplers and a superb build

The full list of contenders for Superbike of the Year 2017 was as follows:

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