BikeRadar Bargains: Continental GP4000 S II tyre deals

Race away with a deal on some of the best tyres around

With the announcement of Continental’s new GP 5000 tyre, we thought we’d take the chance to find you some deals on the venerable Continental GP 4000S II. The new tyre will replace the legendary GP 4000S II, so there are bound to be some heavy discounts on this outgoing model.


A decent set of tyres is a key upgrade for your road bike, letting you ride further and faster with less effort and more comfort. The GP4000S II has rightly been one of the most popular models around and consistently ranks among the best tyres out there. 

The Continental GP 4000S II garnered a 5-star review from us, with Ben Delaney describing it as “the Goldilocks performance road clincher”. By the numbers, it may not be the fastest, or the lightest, or the most durable, but it provides an excellent compromise between those characteristics for an “all-around excellent, dependable, fast tire.”

If that doesn’t tempt you already, we’ve browsed the web to find the best deals on pairs and single tyres options.

The GP4000S II is an absolutely stellar performer
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media

Continental GP 4000S II — UK deals

  • Pair: £109.99 £61.99
  • Single: £59.95 £29.49

Continental GP 4000S II — US deals

  • Pair: $149.90 $82.45
  • Single: $74.95 $39.95

Continental GP 4000S II — AUS deals

  • Pair: AU$221.99 AU$109.49
  • Single: AU$110.99 AU$55.49