The BikeRadar Meets podcast | Is cycling really set for a golden age?

We speak to journalist Laura Laker and Adam Tranter, the cycling mayor for Coventry, to discuss what the future has in store for cycling, post-coronavirus

We asked our readers what tips they can share for commuting by bike. Here's what they said…

Cycling is a hot topic right now, not just here on BikeRadar but across the national news, with the government announcing a £250m emergency fund to promote active travel in response to the coronavirus crisis – part of a £2bn investment in walking and cycling.


In the latest episode of the BikeRadar Meets podcast, we (virtually) sit down with cycling and active travel journalist Laura Laker and Adam Tranter, the cycling mayor for Coventry, who together co-host the Streets Ahead podcast with Ned Boulting.

With unprecedented interest in cycling, we discuss whether some good will come from the current crisis in the form of more funding for cycling, improved infrastructure and, ultimately, more people on bikes.

Both Laura and Adam have an in-depth knowledge of cycling policy and offer their insight in to how things could, or should, change as we transition out of the Covid-19 lockdown and prepare for a post-coronavirus future.

With concerns over the spread of the virus, as well as wider efforts to reduce the use of fossil fuels, cycle commuting has, potentially, a strong future in the UK.

But are we really set, as Boris Johnson suggests, for a golden age of cycling?

657 London cyclists were seriously injured last year
Cycle commuting has grown in popularity in recent years, but could the coronavirus crisis encourage more people on to bikes?

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