The BikeRadar Meets Podcast | Chris Porter on all things geometry and suspension

We sit down with Mojo Rising guru Chris Porter, a man with a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to bicycle geometry and suspension

Mojo's Chris Porter expertly refreshes Seb's fork, ready to take on the demanding test track with maximum suppleness

Mountain bike geometry and suspension kinematics might seem like a bit of a dark art but if one man knows his stuff, it’s Chris Porter.

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The man behind Mojo Rising and the now legendary Geometron mountain bike brand has spent decades riding, testing, designing and hypothesising about how mountain bike geometry and suspension all works – and how it should, probably, work better.

Pre-lockdown, we sent our own suspension guru, Seb Stott, to the depths of the Forest of Dean to discuss the intricacies of suspension and frame design, and plenty more to boot.

Chris has a bit of a reputation as a talker, and there’s plenty to discuss, so we’ve split the interview in to two parts.

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