BikeRadar’s product submission guidelines

How to get product on BikeRadar and what you need to know

BikeRadar's product submission guidelines - April 2015

BikeRadar is the world’s largest and most trusted cycling gear website. Our 3-million-plus global monthly readers come to BikeRadar for expert, honest advice, whether in the form of our 12,000+ product reviews, how-to knowledge or columnist insight. 


If you would like a product to be featured on or reviewed by BikeRadar, here are a few things to know.

  • BikeRadar’s reviews and opinions are independent. The opinions and findings are those of professional and experienced writers, many of whom have well more than a decade’s experience in the cycling industry.
  • Submitting a product is not a guarantee of a review. We will test products we feel are of interest  to our readers, and review them accurately and honestly.  Where negative issues are experienced, we contact brands to ensure we have all our facts straight before publishing. However, if we feel the product is flawed, we’ll say so.
  • We have offices in the US, the UK and Australia. This is a global team that works together daily. What is tested in one territory will be published globally unless the product is not relevant to certain regions. We often test two or three versions of the same product on different continents and compare notes.
  • Following testing, the product can be returned at your cost. For BikeRadar US testing, we can also pass it on for auction with all proceeds going to World Bicycle Relief. 
  • Our reviews, product comparisons and all other buying advice are not for sale. Features backed by commercial support or sales, such as this video, are clearly marked ‘sponsored’.

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