Boost your bunnyhops: explosive movements take you higher

Get out of your comfort zone and help your 'hops hit the heights

You may have seen our original bunnyhop video, which featured a couple of ways of working it. Now Matt Legg-Bagg from Bristol’s Pedal Progression runs through how to get those hops higher.



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The bunnyhop movement is an explosive one – the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. Big movements with your feet & heels, to drive the bike into the air, are what you want.

How high you get your front wheel makes all the difference… concentrate on a good pumped manual to get high. You need big compression with dropped heels – push with your legs to get the front wheel up up. This dictates the bunnyhop, because if the front doesn’t get up enough, the rear wheel won’t follow


A big bunnyhop will take you out of your comfort zone. Find an obstacle you want to get over, and replicate its height with a piece string to practise, so that if you mess up it’s essentially risk-free. Wait till you’re nailing it every time, then take it to the real obstacle.