Budget dropper post test: KS eTEN vs. RSP Plummet

Two cut-price droppers go head-to-head

In recent years, the dropper seatpost has become almost unanimously accepted as one of the best developments in mountain biking.


Prohibitive pricing in the early days rendered early droppers a costly aftermarket addition, yet in more recent times the introduction of many cheaper designs has allowed the dropper post to now be considered standard equipment on bikes at a certain price point. A price point that continues to lower each year.

In a market that’s dominated by spendy posts that have been around for many years, we thought we’d have a go with a couple of the budget options out there.

We went on to select the cheapest posts from KS and RSP, and pitched them head to head in the video test above.

The KS eTEN and RSP Plummet posts hold a lot in common, both being externally routed, cable-operated designs with a 4in (100mm) drop.

They’re also priced similarly at £125/$175 for the KS or £115 (not sold in the U.S) for the RSP.


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Cheap dropper seatpost test: KS eTEN vs. RSP Plummet