Chris Froome’s SIS gels now available in the US

Science in Sport selling online now for North America

Our British readers are certainly familiar with the nutrition product from Science in Sport, but North American cyclists might not be. SIS gels are less viscous than a standard gel so they are drinkable, and they come in taller packets than a GU or a Clif gel.


What really sets them apart, the company will tell you, is the digestion-friendly formula in the SIS Isotonic Energy Gel. Isotonic means something has the roughly the same concentration of salt and sugar as the body, so it’s easily absorbed. What this means for a gel is that you don’t have to drink water with it. Dr. Stacy Sims of Osmo largely based her company around her drinks being isotonic.

SIS claims it has the world’s first isotonic energy gel.

Chris Froome and Team Sky raced with SIS this year. SIS claims the team consumes approximately 1,000 of the gels during the Tour de France.

Already popular in the UK, SIS products are now available in the US
Courtesy SIS

Each vegan-friendly gel provides 22g of carbohydrates, mostly from maltodextrin.

SIS is selling the 60ml gels in 6 Packs ($8.99) and 30 Packs ($44.79) in two caffeinated flavors and four non-caffeinated flavors.


The gels and other nutritional products are available now at

SIS gels come in taller packets than a standard gel. They are easy to swallow and don’t require additional water to digest
Courtesy SIS